Welcome to the St Francis Xavier’s Primary School website. This site will give you an overview of the unique and dynamic education that we offer as a Catholic learning community.

At St Francis Xavier’s Primary School, we live each day by our motto “Let Your Light Shine”. Together the staff, families, students and parish community work to make the school a special place where all are welcomed and each individual has opportunity to reach their fullest potential. We aim to promote within our students and our community members a love of God and a love for life-long learning. Our priority at St Francis Xavier’s is to educate the whole person. The religious, social, academic, physical and emotional aspects of our students are vitally important and we are committed to guiding each student to reach their goals. As part of a strong Parish community, we strive to ensure our faith is nourished. The values of the Gospel are central to all we do and there is a strong sense of belonging for each member of our community.

We invite parents to be involved in the life of our parish knowing that this involvement will assist in maximising educational outcomes for the children. At St Francis Xavier’s, parents are recognised and celebrated as the first and most important educators of their children. A strong sense of partnership is evident in our school community by the high level of parent involvement and the great spirit of hospitality also shown by staff and students. We work together to create happy and safe play areas and classrooms, all of which are essential for a successful learning environment.

At St Francis Xavier’s, we believe a balanced education is important. Consequently, our students enjoy a wide range of learning, sporting and social justice opportunities. We value the rich cultural and social diversity that exists in our society and encourage students' greater understanding, tolerance and acceptance of others. The staff help students develop their skills, resilience and talents, along with a strong sense of compassion and justice, so that they will make a positive difference in our community.

More information about the school is contained throughout this website. I look forward to you visiting our school where you can see for yourself all that St Francis Xavier’s offers as a great place to educate primary aged students. 

Mrs Sonya Boslem