Our three houses – St Francis Xavier’s, MacKillop and St Joseph’s contribute to our school spirit in many ways. Each house has their own colour and, when house events are run, all the students don their colours in support of their House.

The house events encourage students to develop friendships across different year levels and extend their teamwork skills. House events are run throughout the year and include Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics.

The Structure

St Francis Xavier’s has three houses from Kindergarten to Year 6. Students stay in the allocated house throughout their schooling.

House Origins

House name: St Francis Xavier's

House colour: Green

House eponym: St Francis Xavier is our Patron Saint

House name: St Joseph's

House colour: Red

House eponym: St Joseph is the foster father of Jesus and the school’s original Patron Saint

House name: Mackillop

House Colour: Blue

House eponym: Mary Mackillop is the founder of the Sisters of St Joseph, who founded our school, and she is the Patron Saint of Australia.